£10,095 !!!With seed money and development support from o-region, Brett Harvey's debut feature Weekend Retreat has attracted financial support from FEAST, University College Falmouth and a growing crowd of private backers.

Shot on a micro-budget of £22,000, we now need to raise another £10,000 to complete the film to a Digital Cinema Package for festivals and distributor screenings.

We want to complete the film ready for festival screenings and markets from this autumn, so we are aiming to reach this target in 90 days, by: Friday 30th September 2011

That’s where you come in. There are several ways of contributing, from micro-donations to larger loans.

Any contributions, large or small, will really help us to achieve our goal – and as a sign of our gratitude check out the fantastic range of rewards associated with the differing levels of contribution.

Thankyou, The Weekend Retreat Team.


Payments are made through PayPal - you don't need a PayPal account, various payment options are available.

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When you complete your payment, if you are not automatically redirected back to a Weekend Retreat 'credit upload form' make sure you click on the 'return to o-region' button in the PayPal receipt page.


Micro-producer options:



Website Credit


Name credit (can be your name, anonymous or a nickname) on website


Picture Credit



Name credit on website and picture credit on website  

+ name credit on the film


Video Credit



All that...

+ video credit on the website. What does that mean? After payment you can upload a 10 sec video clip of yourself which will be included in a special short film by Brett Harvey!





All of the above...

+ we'll email you the secret combination to open the safe! Inside you'll find video extras, including behind the scenes footage, one of Brett's award winning shorts and some strong language!

Click here to enter the combination



Limited Edition


All of the above...

+ limited edition photo of the cast & crew signed with a personalised message from the Director.

+ Brett's Shorts DVD "What I've Done While I Looked For A Real Job"



Red Carpet



All of the above...

+ a pair of exclusive 'special guest' tickets to a premiere screening


Knight in Shining Armour

£500 - £5,000

  For amounts above £500, we are asking for Loans, so that if the film becomes profiable, a share of the net profits is returned as interest payment to lenders. tell me more



Supported by Feast, Arts Council Englan, Cornwall Council, University College Falmouth

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