Thankyou everyone who has contributed to our crowdfunding campaign - we've successfully raised over £10,000!


Thanks to our initial funders who helped us get the film into production.

Media Supporters

Helping us spread the word

The Source FMThisiscornwallMyCornwall

Promoters & Venues

Audiences who have watched test screenings of rough cuts of the film, supported the production with bookings and ticket sales and given us useful feedback along the way.

Young PromotersPenwith CollegeLiskeard Community CollegeCarn To Cove

Golant Reading RoomHelland Village HallSancreed Village Hall

Carleen Village HallRCPS

You can see audience reactions from other test creenings on our vimeo channel

Knights in Shining Armour

The good people who have made loans to support our vision.

John and Marie Macneill
Ross Williams
Thanks to Teddie, Lucy, Roxy and Coralie Cokes-Cowell
Keith and Lynne Appleby + Auntie Olive
Dennis Barwood
Nick Pykett
Mandy O Hara
Media Centre Cornwall

Red Carpet

Our special guests will have the perfect excuse to dress up and feel part of a very special night at a Weekend Retreat premiere screening!

Elaine Clayton
Colin Matthews

Limited Edition

Limited Edition of 100 signed photos and other goodies

Cheers Billy Bucknole
Good fortune - Andrew and Karen


What's behind the safe? Who knows the secret combination? Only these select few...

Mike Shepherd
Chloe Lambert again...
I dont want a chuffing credit, just keep making films Brett.

Video Credits

Video clips uploaded by contributors and edited into a brand new short film, which will be shared with the world to celebrate reaching our target!!!

Gary Tregidger
Matt Armstrong
Ben Farr
Tiffany Holmes
Craig Dodd
Margaret Tagney
From me and The Poly
Martin Bailie
Loveday and Jago Burton
Chloe Lambert
AV3 Media -

Picture Credits

Friends and supporters who for £10 have bought a credit on the film and their face or other image on this page.

Kevin Tregidger
Roc Sandstorm
Donna Anton and John Bennett
BishBashBosh Productions
Len and Sue Nolan
God luk bret
This donation was made possible by the Wayne Foundation
The Centre Newlyn - at the heart of the community with the community at its heart -  01736 365890
Dave Andrews
Sarah Pym
Mark Camp
Rachel Cooper
Anna Maria Murphy
Walter Dyer
Rosie Willmot
Annie Ukleja
Deano Nolan
Good luck with the film, looking forward to seeing it soon! xx
Claire Marshall
Andrew Pamplin-Barnard
o-region rock!
Fran Newman
Best of luck from Oddbodies
Ann Toms
Liz King
David Cox
Elaine Ruth White - Playwright/librettist. CAKE Productions (Cornwall)
Prawn is happy
Boris, Boar of Boscaswell
All best wishes to Weekend Retreat Kathryn
Trevor Sausage
Dont just stand there... watch Weekend!
Ali Wallace
Ali Gracie      Multimedia Artist
Liz King

Website Credits

Every contribution really supports what we're trying to achieve. A warm thankyou to everyone who has supported us with £5.

Christopher Selevan
Ann Toms
Ellen Moule

Supported by Feast, Arts Council Englan, Cornwall Council, University College Falmouth

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