Get away from it all. Relax. Survive.

Weekend Retreat is a cornish black comedy thriller by director Brett Harvey. After making many award winning shorts, this is Brett's first feature.

“a darkly comic twist on the domestic hostage situation…adds momentum to the
Cornish new wave”
David Parkinson, Empire Online

Principal photography took place over 12 days in Summer 2010, with a cast of 6 and crew of 22. The film was shot on a Canon 5D MkII on location in Cornwall... tell me more

In 2011:
- A rough cut of the film was test screened in village halls and small-scale venues around Cornwall and began to generate a groundswell of support and enthusiasm.
- We then ran a crowdfunding campaign to pay for post-production costs and with your help raised over £11,000 (a huge thankyou again everyone who contributed and helped us.)
- The film was completed!
- In Nov, Cornwall Film Festival hosted a special preview screening where Weekend Retreat played to a packed cinema with a fantastic response.

It was truly an amazing moment for us to sit back and watch the finished film after years of hard work. And a brilliant way to kick off Weekend Retreat's festival circuit! As if that wasn’t enough we’re deeply honoured and humbled to report that we were awarded the "Golden Chough" for the film, as the festival organisers felt it represented the spirit of the festival.

Now we're putting all our efforts into getting the film out there - we've been submitting to festivals all over the world and the first few reveiws are trickling in...

“a mix of comedy and horror that works perfectly… Weekend Retreat is a strong debut that should appeal to a wide audience and is thoroughly entertaining throughout”
Kezia Tooby, Flickfeast

2012 started off with exciting news that Weekend Retreat was nominated for the 2012 LoCo Discovery Award! We didn't win, but the recognition of being shortlisted and the many positive comments about hte film on the LoCo posting have been an encouraging start to the year.

And as if all that wasn't exciting enough... we also have T-shirts!!!

Supported by Feast, Arts Council Englan, Cornwall Council, University College Falmouth

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